• Group of Companies

    Econoxy Elite

    Elite group caters to Niche Clients only. It delivers the epitome of Technology. Best of Team's, work together to deliver outstanding results.

    Econoxy Solutions

    Solutions group caters to Industrial and Real Estate market. It delivers Carbon Footprint Analysis Software and ways to achieve sustainable development

    Econoxy Services

    Services group caters to everyone in Information Technology. It deivers products and services, as per your budget.

    Econoxy Research

    Research group caters to Elite Group & Internal Team. It delivers some of the most Innovative solutions and is well informed with latest market trends

    Econoxy Virtual Reality

    Virtual/Augmented Reality group would cater to the almost all verticals.

    Our Introduction

    We are simple guys, who provide dynamic results !

    We seeded econoxy in 2013 with a simple purpose to calculate carbon footprints for Indian market.
    So we started meeting people and gathering data for our product, which led us to startling information !
    Few of our clients were excited to leverage Information Technology, but were either over charged, miss-guided or were provided with old technology
    Only few were in good hands, so we started helping the troubled one's, with small and ad-hoc tasks.
    What we never realised was the surge of work that was coming due to these happy clients
    Well...that inspired us to plant many seeds and... swisssh ... grows Econoxy Group !

    Our goal is simple: "To provide Honest Solutions & Services to our clients"... at Econoxy Humanity is more important than Monetary Gains... yes, it sounds weird to be true, but those who know us, really Know !

    What is Eco - N - Oxy ?
    Eco : Economical | and | Oxy : Oxygenating